Are You Thirsty?

Are You Thirsty?

od Have you ever been desperately thirsty?

My family and I recently read aloud together the book Holes by Louis Sachar and I think our family water consumption probably doubled during that story – it must be impossible to read about people digging in the desert under the hot summer sun, and not feel thirsty oneself, even while relaxing on a sofa in the air conditioning!

When Mr. Sir, in spiteful retaliation, pours out Stanley’s afternoon water allotment onto the parched, cracked ground in front of him instead of pouring it into his canteen, I felt irrationally compelled to stop reading and go refill my own water bottle!

Are You Thirsty?In addition to being essential for life, water is also highly significant in Scripture.  Just look at these few examples of God using it to accomplish His purposes:

He can wield it as a mighty rushing flood to cleanse the earth of wickedness, and at the same time cause it to carry in safety the vessel of deliverance for the righteous remnant tucked securely inside.

He can effortlessly part it when it’s too big for you and me to cross and our enemies are closing in.

He can lead a reluctant, proud, sick man into a muddy river of it and raise him up humbled, whole, and thankful.

He would, centuries later, enter into that same river Himself in humble obedience, at the beginning of His earthly ministry.  I can’t help but think when the Lamb of God stepped foot into the Jordan, Naaman knelt in Heaven and wept, remembering his pride and stubbornness, and worshipping the Christ who came to enter our muddy mess that we might too be raised humbled, whole, and thankful.

He can turn water into something it isn’t and make it more than it was, like allowing a tiny shaft of light to escape from the folds of His robe – one minute particle of His God-nature escaping to reveal that HE is here, among us, doing the impossible, because with Him, NOTHING is impossible.

No boat?  No problem.  He can walk on top of the water as though it were solid glass and beckons to you to get out of the safety and predictability of your own boat and walk on your impossibility too, eyes on His face.

He can command it in the midst of a wild, wind-whipped frenzy of lashing waves, and it will obey the voice of its Maker, instantly becoming meek and calm as bath water.

He can start a conversation around it with a rejected woman and use it to address her deep soul thirst for truth and acceptance.

By causing rivers of living water to flow out of us by His Spirit so we can offer the water of life to a sin-scorched generation, He lifts our little lives and gives them beauty, meaning, and significance.

Two questions:Are You Thirsty?
  1. Are you thirsty today for more of Him?
  2. Who do you know who needs the Living Water that you can offer them?


If you are thirsty today, if you are weary of your struggles and need the refreshment of the waters of life, Jesus’ invitation in Isaiah is for you:

 “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters…”

Put your name in the place of “all you who are thirsty”, and read it again.

There are many ways we try to quench our thirst for beauty, for significance, for power, for love, but as Aslan the lion told a terrified Jill in C.S.Lewis’s book, The Silver Chair, “There is no other stream“.  We must brave the Lion to come to drink, and when we do, knees knocking, we are undone when we find that the One we so greatly feared looks at us with love in His eyes.

My prayer for you today is that you will come to the water and be filled afresh, the life-giving water bubbling over to wash away all the hurt and disappointment of the past, cleansing and refreshing you in His presence, and filling you with His joy.

Then, dripping and satisfied, we must climb the banks of the Jordan and go back to our lives, but as we go we offer to those around us a drink of the same Stream.  Who do you know who needs to hear that they don’t have to live thirsty?

With faith, hope, and love,

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  • Brendy Wyatt

    September 21, 2015 at 7:08 pm Reply

    How awesome to see in one writing all the different ways Our Heavenly Father has used water. I read it over the years but its amazing to see it all at once. Thank you Chrissy and yes I am thirsty in both ways.

    • Chris

      September 22, 2015 at 4:42 pm Reply

      Thanks Brenda! I loved reading about those ways too…it made me thirsty all over again for fresh rivers of Living Water!

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