The Great (and little appreciated) Value of the Interruption

You are sitting at your computer, desperately trying to finish up an overdue work project.  Or balancing the checkbook, or trying to finally get some writing or studying done.  You blocked out this portion of time for yourself, to accomplish good and necessary tasks. Suddenly your concentration is shattered by the ringing of the phone,

The Story of You

Don’t you love a happy ending?  I feel robbed somehow after spending my time on a book or movie that doesn’t end well! My family and I were recently utterly underwhelmed by the disappointing end to a movie (if only the Hollywood movie moguls had asked us first…).  Such dissatisfaction made me wonder…will the story

How You Can Change the World

My son surprised me last night by asking me if there is human life on other planets.  I was already more than half-asleep and certainly not expecting a late-night discussion on the probabilities of life in outer space.  I told him people have been asking that question (and making movies and books about it) for

Forty for Forty! – Meet the Baird Family

Today, January 4th, 2017 is a very special day.  It is the 40th birthday of my beautiful friend and missionary to Ireland, Kendra Baird.  Happy birthday, Kendra!!  Even on her big day today, Kendra and Randal are at a missions conference, representing Europe and the great need for the light of the Gospel to penetrate

Even Elizabeth – The Queen of Lost Causes

I wasn’t really expecting anything new when I sat down with my coffee and Bible.  Not because I already know everything the book has to offer (far, far from it!), but because the story with which I planned to spend my quiet morning moments was so beloved and well-worn in my mind – comfortable and