Extraordinary People Series – Byron Porritt

  Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many posts on Extraordinary People from all over the world – people who are somehow making the world a better place, people who inspire and encourage us, or otherwise have special stories that need to be shared.  Do you know a truly extraordinary person?

Death by Entertainment – Living for Jesus in a Culture of Materialism

A Culture of Materialism I recently spent some time in the waiting room at a dentist’s office.  Somehow I forgot to bring the book I was reading, and I ended up thumbing through a few of the magazines that were sitting out for the distraction of those nervously awaiting their turn in The Chair. In

The Surprisingly Good News About Trouble

Odd how life-altering changes can come so abruptly, with no warning.  One moment, life is as it has always been, and the next, everything is forever changed. Trouble doesn’t take the time to call before ringing the doorbell. I was blessed to spend some time with extended family yesterday. While visiting with my sweet sister-in-law