The Unwanted Irresistible Invitation

It was an invitation not many would respond to with enthusiasm.  And I can’t say that I blame them. When we receive an invitation, we typically expect it to correspond with some sort of enjoyable event, with the occasional exception of three-hour obligatory graduation ceremonies and the like. Invitations attract us with promises of birthday

The Forgiveness Factor – Is It Working For You or Against You?

It was only a documentary. I wasn’t prepared for the gut-wrenching trauma. I hadn’t even brought any tissue, for Heaven’s sake. But sitting in the theater with a friend, watching the film “Nefarious”, had reduced me to a state of crying and shaking. We wanted to be better informed about the scourge of human trafficking

People Who Preferred Pigs to the Power of God, and What Happened to Them

I have always thought it was the most tragic verse in Scripture. How could anyone see the extravagant, transforming power of God, and then instead of thanking Him, or asking Him for more, ask Him to go away? Yet In Mark chapter 5, we see that exact thing happen. Our story actually begins at the

Your Response to the Persecution of Christians: How to be Helpful and Effective

You may not hear about it much on the mainstream news channels. Your church may not even be talking about it. If you live in America or another affluent Western nation, it’s all too easy to live a life of comfort, insulated from the suffering that Christians face in places where it costs something to

Guest Posting Today!

The Beautiful Journey is guest posting today over at Joanna Mayes’ site,!  A giant “thank you” to Joanna for the privilege of hanging out over there with her friends, and a warm welcome to any who migrate over to The Beautiful Journey to visit us over here!  Blessings to you today, and may God use