Simple Life Hack That Will Make Others More Thankful For You

the Life Hack That Brings Light I love learning simple solutions that are immediately useful and actually make a difference in my daily existence, don’t you? I recently learned that one can use a stick of uncooked spaghetti to light candles with hard-to-reach wicks. After years of sticking my arm up to the elbow in

If You Don’t Like What You See, Then Change What You Look For!

We Will Find What We Look For…Is What We’re Looking For Worth Finding? Nothing seemed to be going well, and my attitude matched the glowering sky, darkened by clouds that threatened an imminent deluge. One negative thought flowed seamlessly into another, and some remote corner of my brain was slightly surprised at how many things

What In the World Is Happening? Questions About Natural Disasters Around the World

If you have been watching the news, you have probably been stunned by the plethora of natural disasters around the world. Floods, fires, and earthquakes seem to be slamming into our comfort zones with increasing regularity and intensity. So much widespread suffering and no part of the world appears able to claim to be exempt.