What Jesus Prayed for You and Why it Matters

Final Words Have you ever had the sacred honor of being with someone as they made the transition to eternity? The last words a person utters before leaving this earth are generally considered some of the most important ones spoken. If you were to discover that some of the last recorded words of a very

Is Your Joy Being Stolen by Guilt?

How big of a role does guilt play in your life? I don’t mean the kind of guilt that normal (non-psychopath) people feel after doing something wrong. I mean the nebulous kind that floats around in the atmosphere and stealthily attacks in unguarded moments, making us feel like we are never doing enough. The kind that

The Ultimate Deception and How to Avoid It

Self-Deception is the Ultimate Deception There is no deception like self-deception. I guess that’s because no one is as happily gullible to my fabrications as I am. Sometimes I get myself to believe I am doing all I can to impact a situation when in reality I am doing all I WANT to be doing.