The One Thing God Wants From You Today

An Ancient Problem of Epic Proportions Ever been somewhere physically, but your heart and thoughts wandered far, far away? You gave yourself credit for being there in the church service, or at the meeting, but a significant part of you was absent. The Israelites had just such an experience. The remnant had returned physically from

The Law of the Harvest – What This Means for Your Life

The Law of the Harvest She could so easily have given up and gone back home. Things didn’t go as planned, and now she was a young grieving widow in a strange country with a 10-month-old daughter to care for. Nearby neighbors? The tribe that speared her husband to death, along with the 4 other

What Jesus Prayed for You and Why it Matters

Final Words Have you ever had the sacred honor of being with someone as they made the transition to eternity? The last words a person utters before leaving this earth are generally considered some of the most important ones spoken. If you were to discover that some of the last recorded words of a very