The One Prayer That Changed My Life

Looking back over my journey with God, I can pinpoint one specific prayer that was a real game-changer. This one prayer marked the beginning of a shift and was a powerful catalyst that continues to have an impact on my life today, years later. I distinctly remember the tiny, lamp-lit room with its mismatched furniture where

How’s Your Spiritual Eyesight?

How’s your spiritual eyesight? Have you checked it lately? Just like our physical eyes change and require correction, the same is true for our spiritual eyes. They require periodic checkups and correction when necessary to ensure we can see clearly and stay focused on what matters. When I’m at the optometrist’s office for an eye

Will Faith Survive if the Lights Go Out in America?

What do you suppose would happen in America if the lights went out? What would happen in other countries? My family is currently engrossed in a fictional book series about an EMP attack and its catastrophic effects on everyday life. Real-life friends who were Hurricane Katrina victims have similar stories to tell. If our technologically