Will Faith Survive if the Lights Go Out in America?

What do you suppose would happen in America if the lights went out? What would happen in other countries? My family is currently engrossed in a fictional book series about an EMP attack and its catastrophic effects on everyday life. Real-life friends who were Hurricane Katrina victims have similar stories to tell. If our technologically

The Truth About Trials – What You REALLY Have When Times Are Tough

They say that timing is everything. My cat, were she temporarily endowed with the gift of speech, would probably agree with that today. In one ill-timed moment, she learned what it means to be in the right place at the wrong time. Or maybe the wrong place at the wrong time…I’m never sure which variable

Don’t Make This Mistake When God Says No

When God says “No” to something I desperately want, I sometimes mistakenly think I might prefer a genie in a bottle. Bound to my every wish and compelled to act on my behalf. Ever felt that way when surrounded by the pressing needs of others (or your own), and God seems a million miles away,