Are You a Promise Reader or a Promise Reaper?

Are You a Promise Reader or a Promise Reaper?

Promise Reader or Promise Reaper?

What is God calling you to this year?

Into what new territory is He leading you?

Will you be able to make the advances He’s asking you to make?

A good indication of our readiness to advance is to determine whether we are promise readers or promise reapers.

A promise reader reads God’s promises, gives mental assent, and goes on with their day unchanged.

A promise reaper takes the necessary action on God’s Word to see it become reality in her life.

When God promised the Israelites a land of their own – a wonderful, abundant land flowing with milk and honey – they had to take very decisive action to possess it, requiring both faith and courage.

God didn’t hand the Promised Land over on a silver platter.

Quite the contrary. Instead, God told them something like this: “This is what I have prepared for you. Now go fight for it, be victorious, and it’s all yours.”

In the spirit realm, The Promised Land was earmarked for the Israelites – their promised inheritance.

In the natural, it was inhabited by big, scary people who weren’t particularly disposed to hand it over without a fight.

The Promised Land was prepared, and victory was predicted, but possession had to be fought for.

The Israelites had to become promise reapers. How?

How to Become a Promise Reaper

Faith, courage, and obedience were the catalysts to move them from their side of the Jordan River to the side where God wanted them.

All the courage and faith in the world would not have moved them one centimeter closer had they not also taken action and obeyed.

Likewise, obeying without faith in God to keep His word and without the courage that springs from faith would have been displeasing to God.

Each of the three – faith, courage, and obedience – were a necessary part of the correct response to God.

Just like the ancient Israelites, we also grow into the promises of God by the very act of possessing them – the act of exercising our own faith, courage, and obedience.

The act of pursuing God and His kingdom changes us and makes us fit to receive it and maintain our victory.

Many people wait for God to change them SO THAT they can pursue Him.

Perhaps the pursuit itself is the catalyst for transformation.

Perhaps in the very act of obeying, we are changed.

Are you stuck in the No Man’s Land between preparation and possession?

Do God’s promises of abiding peace, joy, and victory sound too good to be true?

They don’t have to.

Build your faith by remembering that the same God who promised to give the Israelites victory to inhabit the place He prepared for them is also on your side. Peace, provision, the presence of Jesus – He promises these and many other things to His disciples. Courageously pick up your sword in simple trust and obedience and enter the realm of promises.


3 Steps to Enter Your Promised Land:


1. Identify the promised territory.

God’s Word is replete with promises. What is your need? Where do you need an overflow of God’s presence?

Promise Reader or Promise Reaper?


2. Engage your weapon – the Sword of the Spirit – which is the Word of God.

Promise Reader or Promise Reaper?

Find Scriptures that address what you need. For example, if your number one desire is to vanquish anxiety and have more peace in your life, find and write out Scriptures that address peace.

3. Act – Step out in faith-filled and courageous obedience, knowing that God WILL do His part.

Use the Scriptures you found to battle for your promised land. Meditate on it. Memorize it. Obey it. Pray it. It works.

Promise Reader or Promise Reaper?

Congratulations! You have made forward progress into the incredible destiny God has for you! Rejoice in this victory, but don’t let down your guard. Maintain your position by being alert and fighting border skirmishes. The enemy would love to creep back in and steal ground, eventually crowding you out. Don’t let him!

With faith, hope, and love,

The Beautiful Journey

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