Your Response to the Persecution of Christians: How to be Helpful and Effective

You may not hear about it much on the mainstream news channels. Your church may not even be talking about it. If you live in America or another affluent Western nation, it’s all too easy to live a life of comfort, insulated from the suffering that Christians face in places where it costs something to

Guest Posting Today!

The Beautiful Journey is guest posting today over at Joanna Mayes’ site,!  A giant “thank you” to Joanna for the privilege of hanging out over there with her friends, and a warm welcome to any who migrate over to The Beautiful Journey to visit us over here!  Blessings to you today, and may God use

How to Have a Quiet Soul in a Plugged-In World

We were sitting across the table from each other, but we may as well have been in two different restaurants. Something had come between us, and I was having a hard time feeling connected to this sweet and cherished friend. It wasn’t a relationship issue or an offense that kept us from enjoying each other’s