A Day at the Forge: Are You in the Fire?

A Day at the Forge Last weekend, my family and I said goodbye to our normal Saturday activities, donned safety glasses, work belts and hammers and drove to an open forge event hosted by our local blacksmith association. The resident blacksmiths handed us skinny rectangular sticks of metal and announced we would be transforming them

A Christmas Celebration Fit For a King

I can hardly believe Christmas is almost here. I feel like I have just emerged from a whirlwind of school, shopping, soccer tournaments, and sickness and have been deposited, right-side-up and breathless, in the week before Christmas. The shopping is done. Almost. Everyone is over their colds. School is winding down, and the soccer season

Roots and Shoots – The Powerful Link Between Faith and Gratitude

What’s Faith Got to Do With It? Is there a connection between our faith and gratitude? What does faith have to do with our ability to be grateful? Most of us understand that gratitude is a choice. Dr. Viktor Frankl says, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the

Why We Need Thanksgiving

Some of you may have seen the turkey meme going around Facebook that says “Back off, Santa! This is my month.” Sandwiched between the more profitable Halloween and the mega-fest of consumerism, Christmas, Thanksgiving airtime seems to shrink more every year. I must admit, I agree with the turkey. For rushed and harried denizens of