5 Things God Wants You to Know About His Love

Happy Valentine’s Week, everyone! We all have a need to be recognized as special and chosen. Valentine’s Day may have provided such an experience for some of us, while for others it may have had the opposite effect. Chocolates and flowers are nice, if short-lived. The chocolates turn into an extra pound on the hips;

Why You Need to Live a Nourished Life: The Art of Self-Care

The Problem: Running on Empty How is the pace of your life affecting you? I would be willing to bet that you, like a myriad of your peers, have commented that it sure isn’t slowing down. Many people feel flung, full-throttle, from event to event (or crisis to crisis) with barely a chance to catch

Are You a Promise Reader or a Promise Reaper?

Promise Reader or Promise Reaper? What is God calling you to this year? Into what new territory is He leading you? Will you be able to make the advances He’s asking you to make? A good indication of our readiness to advance is to determine whether we are promise readers or promise reapers. A promise

A Day at the Forge: Are You in the Fire?

A Day at the Forge Last weekend, my family and I said goodbye to our normal Saturday activities, donned safety glasses, work belts and hammers and drove to an open forge event hosted by our local blacksmith association. The resident blacksmiths handed us skinny rectangular sticks of metal and announced we would be transforming them