The Ultimate Deception and How to Avoid It

Self-Deception is the Ultimate Deception There is no deception like self-deception. I guess that’s because no one is as happily gullible to my fabrications as I am. Sometimes I get myself to believe I am doing all I can to impact a situation when in reality I am doing all I WANT to be doing.

Are You an Outlier? Lessons From the Sheepfold

Are You an Outlier? defines “outlier” as: something that lies outside the main body or group that it is a part of, as a cow far from the rest of the herd, or a distant island belonging to acluster of islands This week I am spending some time in the beautiful 23rd Psalm. Sometimes I

The Accidental Tomato – Bloom Where You Land

My husband and I have a raised bed vegetable garden we hope will add some fresh, healthful, organically grown food to our table this summer. Lots of sunshine, daily inspections for pests, and regular doses of collected rainwater have the plants growing well and filling out nicely. I am definitely no photographer (which explains my

How To Escape the Worry Trap

The Worry Trap Opportunities to be ensnared by the worry trap present themselves daily at our doorstep. On the odd day that they don’t, we invent our own reasons to fret and lay awake at night stressing over how we will cope with imaginary disasters that will likely never befall us. Failed smoke detectors, car