Dare to Have a God-Sized 2018

Dare to Have a God-Sized 2018

January – A Season of Grace

There seems to be a special grace in the month of January – a brief period between the boxing up of the Christmas decorations and the head-first plunge into the brisk waters of a fresh, new year. A golden opportunity to be seized or squandered – a brief pause in which we can see with clarity and set the tone for the New Year.

Like the starkly beautiful forms of naked trees of winter, the underpinnings of life are visible during this brief season of grace. Choices and goals normally concealed by the thickly clustered leaves of activities are revealed to be reconsidered, and wisdom quietly invites us to choose well.

Do You Dare to Have a God Sized 2018 - winter treesI’m not just talking about noticing that our jeans are uncomfortably snug from holiday overindulgence and resolving to sign up for Zumba or Boot Camp, although that could be a good thing.

I’m talking about our goals, choices, and habits that will define us over a lifetime, and the chance to reflect and recalibrate that feels uniquely fitting for this time of year.

What goals are in your heart for 2018?

One thing I know for sure as I look ahead to the rest of the year – in the words of John the Baptist:

“I must decrease, and He must increase.”

I need more of Jesus this year than ever before.

But to have more of Him, I will of necessity need to have LESS of some other things.

What am I willing to sacrifice to see a fresh move of God in my life?

Sleep? Self-indulgence? Free time? Commitments that are good but keep us from what’s best?

Are We Asking the Right Questions as we set our goals?

I wonder – what kind of 2018 does God have in mind for me? For you?

Are our goals paltry in His mind and unworthy of our calling, though they may seem lofty and nearly unattainable in ours?

What is in His heart for you and your family this year?Do You Dare to Have a God Sized 2018 - woman with Bible

How does He desire to add to, detract from, or change what we are focused on?

What does He want to empower you to do in this world?

How does He want to grow your faith and mine?

I suspect God’s ideas would blow our minds, scare us to death, and energize us like a bolt of lightning all at the same time!

Are we willing to have the 2018 that GOD wants us to have?

A New Year For Those Who Dare

My prayer for you and for myself is that God would make us willing to pay the price to fully engage with Him this year and to see His plans for us come to pass.

To dare to have the 2018 that God has in mind for us.

Do You Dare to Have a God Sized 2018 - man prayingIt’s okay if you don’t feel that daring, but really wish you did. He can work with that!

Let’s move past weight loss goals (although I have those as well!) and really dig in this year and see what God will do.

If you are ready to recommit to the disciplines that form mountain-movers, drop me a line and let me know. I’ll be praying for you as I recommit to them as well. Time with Jesus, time in His Word, fasting, obedience.

Not new, not trendy, not glamorous.

But nothing new, trendy, or glamorous forms solid people of faith who are able to hold out life and hope to others drowning in anxiety and disillusionment.

There aren’t shortcuts, there’s just plain old obedience.

But through this process of decreasing so He can increase, I believe we will position ourselves for a 2018 that is full of His power and presence.

Are you ready?

With faith, hope and love,

The Beautiful Journey

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Christine is so glad you have joined her on The Beautiful Journey! She is a Bible study writer and teacher living in Texas with her husband, 2 children, and all their pets. Christine believes with all her heart that you can live the full, high-impact, joyful life God designed for you, right now. That beautiful journey begins inside you and doesn't depend on your circumstances. She would love to have you join her on the journey!


  • janmuthblog

    January 12, 2018 at 10:49 am Reply

    Great, inspiring post!

    • Christine

      January 12, 2018 at 10:51 am Reply

      Thank you so much, sweet Jan! May your 2018 be fueled and empowered by the Spirit, and God-sized in every way!

  • Rita Sciallo

    January 11, 2018 at 9:33 am Reply

    Well said!

    • Christine

      January 11, 2018 at 11:13 am Reply

      Thank you, Rita! May God’s blessings and provision empower your work in Scotland as you continue to serve Him faithfully!

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